6 Simple Steps To Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

6 Simple Steps To Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

Because of all the noise on the Web, getting your marketing message across to the right people can be hard. Everyone dislikes social media, banner ads, video ads, YouTube ads that only last 15 seconds, and spam emails. But email marketing can be very helpful if it is done right.

The Digital Advertising Network says that email marketing works 40% better than ads on social media sites. We will explain how to set up and utilize Semrush for your email marketing and provide helpful hints.

What’s email marketing?

Email marketing is a construct of direct marketing in which you send marketing materials to the email addresses of people who have signed up for them. These are the people who have agreed to receive emails from you. Ray Tomlinson was the first to use ARPANET to send an email in 1971.

Gary Turek sent Digital Equipment Corp.’s first business email. He sent one email to a long list of addresses and then called himself the Father of Spam. Since those early days, email marketing has changed significantly, both for the better and the worse. Technology and software have made it so that one email no longer functions for everyone regarding email marketing.

How to Get an Email Marketing Campaign Started in 6 Easy Steps

You’ve read about all the good things an email marketing campaign can do, so it’s time to start your own.

1) Set up an email list.

You should always get people’s email addresses and be able to use them. This is what your email list is called. To find out what people know, you would need a form. You will require their email addresses and titles, at the very least. If you like to give birthday gifts, it is helpful to know when people were born.

If you want to keep your privacy, you could say your birth month. It’s a good idea to give them something like that in exchange for their contact information. Customers get more value from a free ebook or a subscription to your own YouTube channel. When you join up for a membership, you should agree to be added to your mailing list.

You could also have a contest. One of the ways to enter could be to sign up for your e-newsletter. Remember to always let people off your list if they want to. It’s against the law to send email campaigns without giving the recipient a chance to say no.

2) Decide on an email service provider (ESP)

If you desired to send email newsletters, you might collect email addresses, add them to your phone contacts with a label, and do it this way, but it would take a lot of time, wouldn’t work well, and you’d miss out on some great online services.

Here are some online email services that you can use:


The free version of Mailchimp lets you add up to 2,000 people. A nice email newsletter is easy to put together. The great thing about the reports is that they tell you who begins and clicks. This lets you sell to some people better. It works with many other software and widgets, making it a very powerful email marketing platform. There were more bells and whistles in paid versions, but the mobile program has everything you require.

Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite is user-friendly and ideal for those who wish to begin mailing campaigns but lack the necessary time or knowledge. The drag-and-drop feature is great for beginners, allowing you to change many templates. With a free plan, you can have up to 1,000 interconnections and 12,000 emails per month.

You have to tell many people about your business before you can start it, which may make you fret about your privacy. Lite also has paid accounts, but the prices vary depending on who joins. When you charge once a year, you save money.

Running Campaigns

It might be the best email marketing software because it can do many things automatically. Once you’ve put in the data and set it up, you can set it and forget it. There are a lot of cool free features, help with transferring data, great customer service, and many ways to connect to other software. It can be difficult to comprehend on both sides and cost a lot.

3) Make a marketing plan.

Like any other campaign, you need a plan. Set some SMART goals, understand the metrics, what success will look like, how you’ll report on them, etc.

  • Set your audience: Who will you send an email to? Who would you like to know more about so you can email them? If you know who is getting the freebie, you can ensure it meets their requirements.
  • Segment different groups: After you’ve built your list and sent emails for a while, you’ll see who responds, opens the same emails, and clicks through. For different campaigns, you can put these people in different groups.
  • Choose the type of writing you’d like to do: How do you plan to get people who don’t press through very often to do it more? Do you want to thank the people on your list who helped you the most? Do you require learning about something new?

4) Layout Your Emails

You wouldn’t want to send an email that only contains text on a white background. Even if it looked more interesting, the reader wouldn’t care. You want to use the colors and images of your brand. You can add HTML links, incorporate videos, and do other things with most new email software.

Email is a great way to keep in touch with people. You can use the tools on some of the digital sites listed above or pay a graphic artist to make you a template. Make sure your email is clear and easy to read.

5) Look into the mail systems.

Please make sure everything works before you send it. This also includes any automation you’ve set up.

  • Get people to sign up for one’s service so you can test out your free offer.
  • Make a list of 5 emails you want to test with different browsers and email clients.
  • Send these emails, and then look at them to see if you made any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Check to see if the emails can be read on phones.

6) Use Email Automation

Once you’ve fixed all the bugs and made sure the program works, you can automate the process. Have an automated email, gift, and EDM campaign with more than one step. This way, you won’t have to worry about every little detail of your email marketing. Instead, you can focus on more useful and money-making business tasks.

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