6 Ways To Use Facebook Ads In Your Marketing Campaign

6 Ways To Use Facebook Ads In Your Marketing Campaign

Some B2B marketers are skeptical of social media advertising. Still, many are experimenting with new ideas and methods for using social media for brand recognition, lead generation, and nurturing.

LinkedIn and Twitter have shown to be profitable and efficient for B2B marketing, but most marketers are unsure what to do with Facebook. Well, Facebook is the ideal medium for B2C marketing. But it’s also beneficial to B2B firms, and in this blog article, I’ll show you six strategies to market your business using Facebook Ads.

Refocus your efforts on your leads.

The greatest strategy to get prospects to buy is to retarget them on Facebook at various stages of the purchasing process. Because the B2B sales cycle is so extensive, a retargeting campaign can help keep prospects interested and your company in their minds.

On Facebook, you may create a custom audience by inputting your prospects’ emails and telephone numbers and then target the users associated with those emails and phone numbers.

A retargeting campaign, on the other hand, will only be effective if the ads are relevant to the customer’s route map. You’ve had to ensure prospects are getting the correct marketing messages depending on how they’ve dealt with you in the past and where the deal is.

For example, if a prospect transitioned from a Qualified Marketing Lead (MQL) to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), your campaign should demonstrate your past work by promoting case studies and customer testimonials to gain their trust and develop credibility.

Target Lookalike Audiences.

Lookalike Audiences allow you to reach out to new potential consumers similar to your present customers in age, gender, and hobbies. Facebook examines many aspects of your source audience’s profiles to see what they share. It then develops a lookalike audience of folks who share your existing customers’ interests and demographics.

Once you’ve created your viewers seem alike, you’ll have a whole fresh set of potential clients who look similar to your present ones. Create campaigns to reach out to these groups, utilizing the best marketing materials and messaging to drive traffic to your website and produce leads.

Use B2B marketing-related targeting attributes.

B2B marketers who desire to reach decision-makers on Facebook can utilize the following factors to target their prospects: location, age, gender, location, and behavior.

  • Employer: If you know which companies you want to do business with, you may use this property to contact those working there.
  • Job Title: You may find the businesses’ owners, creators, and CEOs that you’re interested in using this feature.
  • Industry: Use this attribute to connect with people in specific industries. Remember that this attribute does not inform you what industry somebody works in based on their company, but rather on their job role. For example, if you wish to contact a company’s sales manager, you must select “Business and Finance” or “Management” as your industry.
  • Interest: Target people according to their interest in the issue or how many pages linked to it they have liked.

Combining these features while creating campaigns will help you target a very limited set of people who may be interested in or require your solutions. So, be creative with your adverts and messages to catch their attention and get them to visit your website.

Redirect your website’s visitors.

Almost 95% of website visitors leave without providing their email addresses. Facebook advertisements might help you entice those visitors to return to your website. You must first install Facebook Pixels on your website to use this function. This allows Facebook to track what your website visitors do, which you can then use to create specific audiences on Facebook for targeting those visitors.

However, as I previously stated, retargeting strategies must be meticulously planned. You must send them details based on their actions on your website. For instance, if someone finds your website via a blog post and visits the pages regarding services and costs, you should send them materials demonstrating your expertise.

Retarget cold leads.

You can use the particular audience function again to target the prospect who has ceased responding to your emails and phone calls. You may be unable to speak with these prospects for various reasons, but with this function, you can ensure that they will always recall you if they choose different vendors or upgrade to a better solution.

It would help if you considered when they stopped speaking to you and what may have caused this so that you can reach them afresh on Fb with appropriate messages that make them feel they need to learn more about your solutions or are interested in them. To approach these prospects, as described in the first point, you can conduct a campaign to generate a custom audience of all the prospects that lost interest.

Utilize lead generation forms.

Lead Ads are the most valuable Facebook tool for B2B marketers. People can express interest in your solutions by filling out a form in the ad without leaving the page. You can use a lead generation form to allow potential customers to book a demo or provide you with their telephone number so you can call them.

This reduces your prospects’ time and eliminates the need for a landing page. Everything happens in the Facebook news feed. You can also add fields to the form to ask prospects for additional information, such as contact information, which will help you qualify leads before finalizing the presentation and following up later.


There are numerous methods for B2B marketers to utilize Facebook to find new leads and nurture them until they’re ready for purchase. It would help if you verified that this platform aligns with your marketing funnel to obtain the most out of it. Some of the approaches I devised for using Facebook ads for my clients are displayed above.

You may find numerous new methods to engage with your target audience and build your business by utilizing the various features of Facebook Ads Manager. So, don’t limit yourself to these six methods for employing Facebook for business-to-business advertising; look for better alternatives.

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