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How To Google Rank Your Videos On Youtube With These 6 SEO Techniques

How To Google Rank Your Videos On Youtube With These 6 SEO Techniques

Making outstanding Content and hoping the appropriate people find it isn’t enough to get your YouTube videos to rank. You must optimize your Youtube account and videos for search to see results.

This is how you can maintain your films at the top of YouTube search results, or at least on the first page. However, you are surely aware that ranking your films is not straightforward. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 6 YouTube SEO tactics to assist you in achieving the top results faster.

What Exactly is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your channel, videos, and channel in YouTube’s organic search results. This could include improving your video titles, meta captions, and descriptions, adding closed captions and concentrating on the right keywords.

With over 2 billion monthly active consumers, YouTube provides numerous opportunities to get your video viewed by your target audience. This can help you enhance your rankings, increase brand awareness, and gain more YouTube subscribers.

Why is YouTube SEO important?

You may believe that all you need to do is create Content and post it without considering YouTube SEO, but if you desire your YouTube channel to be an effective element of your marketing strategy, you must consider YouTube SEO. Because search engine bots only read text, posting a video will not help you rank. Add titles, tags, descriptions, captions, and translations to your videos to increase your ranking possibilities.

6 YouTube SEO Tips

Now that you understand how YouTube SEO works and why it’s important, let’s review some suggestions for ranking your videos, getting more subscribers, and making more money.

Perform keyword research on YouTube.

The first stage in anything is keyword research. Relevancy is a significant ranking element on YouTube, so research the best keywords to use in your video’s title, description, meta, and script. You’ll need both brief & medium keywords. Long-tail keywords will bring in individuals more concerned about what you have to say, but short-tail keywords will bring in those more interested in what you have to say.

Begin your keyword research on YouTube by using the search bar. YouTube offers an autofill option that will provide you with other keywords relevant to your query that real Youtubers are searching for. Let’s explore some keywords we might use if we were hair stylists seeking ideas for a film showing people how to color their hair pastel pink.

This provides us with a list of keywords, a few of which could be valuable. We’ll jot down pink hair dying and dying hair at home, then go back and look for pastel pink hair dying: We now have a few viable keywords. We’ll jot down the ones we want to incorporate in our movie’s narrative, report, and title. To locate the proper keywords to utilize in your YouTube videos, you could use YouTube’s autosuggest and other YouTube SEO tools.

Determine the purpose of the search.

When a person searches for a specific keyword, this is referred to as search intent, and it significantly impacts whether or not an audience will view your video. When you search YouTube for a specific word, look at the top five results. Let’s look at the first few photographs using our previous example of coloring hair pastel pink:

The majority of the Content appears to be how-tos, rights, and wrongs. Therefore if our video is on how to color your hair pastel pink, we should be fine. If our video was on the many baby pink hair dye brands, we may not do as well as we’d want with that keyword.

A compelling video should be posted.

Now that we understand our keywords and what individuals are searching for, we can create videos that keep them interested and watching. Keeping an audience is an important factor in how YouTube SEO ranks videos. It makes sense because YouTube wants users to stay on the site longer, so it rewards producers who create material that keeps people interested for longer periods.

  • Tell folks what your film is about straight from the start. This is critical since 20% of your viewers will leave inside the first 10 seconds, primarily because they are unsure whether this video will suit their demands.
  • Begin reading now. You don’t have to begin with a long story. Just tell me what’s going on.
  • Include open loops. Look ahead to see what occurs in the rest of the video. This piques people’s interest and keeps them watching.

Optimize the page’s YouTube videos.

So you’ve performed your keyword research and are confident that you’re focused on the correct search intent. You created a video with a brief intro and numerous open loops. Because you modified it, your video looks fantastic.

Before you press the Publish button, you should perform some on-page YouTube SEO to ensure that both YouTube’s algorithm and your intended audience understand whatever your video is about. We’ll show you how to improve your YouTube videos’ titles, summaries, tags, and thumbnails.

Perform Video Optimization

Not only should you consider YouTube SEO on the page, but you may also optimize the video to enhance the user experience and keep viewers interested. Within the videos themselves, we’ll discuss four approaches to optimize them.

Specify Your Keywords

Because you’ll be using transcripts, make sure to include your goal term in your video so that it appears in the transcript.

Adding YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards are a terrific method to make your video more interactive and allow people to interact with it. They can watch a video or playlist, donate money to a cause or you as the creator, discover a new YouTube channel, vote in a poll, or visit a website other than YouTube. Cards are also easy to use.

You select the type of card you want and personalize it. Then you choose where you want the timecode to appear. At that point, the card will appear. You can add up to five letters to a single video, but only when it makes complete sense to the viewer. This could be before a place where individuals leave or to learn more about a subject you briefly covered.

Improve your YouTube video’s visibility

You created an excellent video using a term that you studied. You’ve optimized both the page and the video for SEO. It’s ready for everyone to see. After posting your video, you’ll need to advertise it on YouTube so that as many people as possible may see it.

Publish Your Video When It Is Appropriate

There is no one size fits all solution for the optimal time to post on YouTube. We recommend that you examine your real-time data to see whether there are any patterns of activity. If none of the times stick out, choose a couple and see how many people will watch your videos during those hours.


When creating, posting, and attempting to market your Content on youtube, it is critical to consider all aspects of YouTube SEO. With these YouTube SEO tactics, you can remain ahead of your competitors and rank your videos higher and faster.

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