The 6 Best Screen-Sharing Apps For Android And iPhone In 2024

The 6 Best Screen-Sharing Apps For Android And iPhone In 2024

One of the most common methods to converse and exchange information is through apps that let you share your phone’s screen. With these apps, people in different parts of the world may glance at the same screen simultaneously. These apps are now easy to get on Android and IOS. Screen-sharing apps allow people and companies to simultaneously look at the same facts and other items on their phones.

Meetings and speeches can happen at any time, saving the company a lot of time. Businesses now have a lot of apps to choose from that let employees share their cell phone screens according to their work needs. At home, people utilize apps like Zoom in the same way.

These applications benefit businesses and students taking online courses and pals communicating over the internet. As was already said, it’s easy to find screen-sharing applications for Android and IOS/iPhone that come in different sizes and functions. We’ve gathered a list of the top 6 best applications for Android and iPhone that allow you to share your screen.

1) is an excellent application for sharing your phone’s screen. It lets you share slideshows, papers, and whiteboards simultaneously. This application may be downloaded on both devices in iPhone and Android. After you get the app from the app store and put it on your phone, you only have to click on it to use it.

Different weekly plans for businesses require to utilize the app for a long time. These plans normally cost between $10 and $30, depending on what features you sign up for. Even if you aren’t paying for a monthly plan, you can make video calls while sharing your screen.

The app lets you vary the background of the meeting so that it fits your business or show. This could be an excellent incentive for businesses to use for their meetings. At business talks with possible clients and business partners, these features are an excellent means to spread the word about your brand.

2) TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another great app that can be used to hold business meetings and talks remotely. This request can be downloaded on both the iPhone and the Android. With a basic access pass, people using the TeamViewer app can join a meeting from any time and anywhere in the world.

TeamViewer is not exactly a video talking program, but it lets people share their screens and talk over the phone simultaneously. Businesses may utilize the app to talk about how work is being edited, how problems are being solved, and how the whole project looks. Overall, this makes it easy for each person to reach and use the other device, saving a lot of time and reducing the amount of work needed.

3) Screen Mirroring – Casting for TV

This app works better on iPhones, and more people use it. It lets people connect their iPhones to their TVs so that whatever is on the iPhone screen can be shown on the TV. You won’t need any extra software or gear to connect the two devices. To use this app, you need to have a simple wifi link.

4) Castro

With the Castro software, Android users can share their screens. It is very easy to use, which is why so many people use and like it. For the app to work well, you need a wifi connection to link your phone to your TV or computer screen. The app is pretty good at recognizing close devices that can quickly connect to the network.

5) HD Screen Mirroring

This is one of the best apps for Android that lets you share your screen. It makes it easy to enjoy video games and live videos on TV. After you turn on Miracast on your TV, connecting the HD Split-screen program will be easy. When your TV and mobile device are connected to the same wifi network, it’s easy to link them together and start having fun.

6) Mirroring 360

It is the most popular app for Android and iPhone, and it lets users share their screens. Before connecting either phone to your PC, you must run the Mirroring 360 app on your PC. Any gadget that has the app can easily connect to your personal computer. The app works with almost all Apple’s most recent iPhone models and Google’s most recent Android OS.


We’ve compiled a full list of all the apps that let you share your screen. You can choose the best software for your work by paying close attention to the characteristics of the apps that let you share your phone and desktop screens. Select an app that works well for both your work and your life.

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